Other Services

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We can offer the following services in connection with your business operations in Korea.

Fund Management Service

-Maintenance of bank book of a company and seal registered with banks that are necessary for the withdrawal of funds from the bank accounts(control over thecorporate seal and its use is of importance in Korea because, under Korean law, a document executed in the name of the representative director and by use of the registered seal may be assumed as a document that is validly and effectively executed by the corporation, thereby having a binding effect over the corporation)

-Maintenance of the registered corporate seal of the company

-Reimbursement of disbursements requested by employees and approved by the company by on-line banking system

-Payment of operating expenses such as salaries, rent etc., which are approved by the company, by on-line banking system

-Wire-transferring of funds to vendors and customers on behalf of the company by on-line banking system

-Reporting the bank balance to the company


Book keeping service


We can provide this book keeping servicethrough an outside accounting firm we work with.  


If you are interested in obtaining any of the above services, please send email to email@doingbizinkorea.com and we will respond as soon as possible.