Corporate Secretarial Service

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After establishment of a corporation, we can support your business operation by providing the following services.  These services can be useful at initial operational stages when there are few employees working at the corporation.


-Secretarial services such as reviewing documents or mails sent to your Korean office and informing you of any action recommended (if any)


-Corporate compliance (pursuant to the Commercial Act of Korea): (i) advising you of what needs to be done for holding a shareholders meeting held once a year (within 3 months of each year) and preparing minutes of shareholders meeting, (ii) in case of any change in registered office address, legal representative or directors of the Korean office, preparation of documents that need to be submitted to the court registry office for registration, (ii) communications with the court registry office as needed, and (iv) preparation of shareholder meeting minutes in case of undertaking a corporate action (such as selling assets), and (iv) taking care of any other corporate compliance matters needed.


If you desire any of the above corporate secretarial services, please send your inquiry to email@doingbizinkorea, and we will respond as soon as possible